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Bunch of news from GNIDA camp!

The recent period has been full of various happenings for GNIDA…

Starting off with our first shows ever:

#1 – 10.05.13 Warszawa @ Fonobar#2 – 11.05.13 Bydgoszcz @ Estrada Stage Bar
#3 – 12.05.13 Toruń @ OdNowa (Wacken Metal Battle finals!)

The 3 above mentioned gigs were the best possible take-off for the band. A warm welcome the audiences gave us resulted in highly-energetic, brutal concerts. Yet, they were just the foretaste of what was supposed to come next…
Here’s a short video of Gnida @ #3 show (Toruń):

As a consequence of our appearance at this event, we were granted a permit to act out our music during the biggest open air heavy metal festival in the world – Wacken Open Air!!! WOW!

#4 – 18.05.13 Słupsk @ Motor Rock Pub

This small gig was also a lot of fun for us. Damn, EVERY SINGLE show so far was so exceptional, each one was totally different from another. Would there be any joy in it if all concerts looked/felt the same?? Don’t think so… 🙂

Right after the #4 gig we were given a chance to shoot another video clip promoting ‘S.Y.F.’ album (2012). In cooperation with AssOentertainment and RedPig Productions we managed to come up with something like THIS:

How do you like it? We do like it. A lot! 🙂

Right after the ‘Fucking Whore’ video shooting we decided to track down some on-the-spot drum ideas for the 2nd GNIDA album which I’m not going to spill any beans about yet:) The only adjective that comes to my mind when it comes to describing the effect at this moment is – FACE-MELTING! \m/

#5 – 1.08.13 Wacken @ W:O:A 2013 (W.E.T. Stage)

No, it’s not a joke – we really played there! Still can’t believe it… The whole festival is like Heavy Metal Heaven on Earth. To be there, see all the huge bands play live, to interact with Metalheads from all around the world, and to PLAY A CONCERT while being there – PRICELESS!
Here’s a shortcut of GNIDA’s #5 gig:

Especially for this occasion we have prepared a special edition of the ‘S.Y.F’ album in CD sleeves. The new issue also contains 2 bonus video clips and is available to purchase HERE:


TopDrummer_3-2013_cezary_konrad phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg

Moreover, the summer issues of TOP DRUMMER and MAGAZYN PERKUSISTA (both in PL) contained some spacious interviews with me, where you can read about GNIDA and all the other projects I’ve been recently involved in.

Huge thanks to the magazines’ editors for the opportunity to talk drums and advertise my work for such a great scale! Thank you for your work – you guys RULE!

The future looks also very promissing. You may soon expect some further news about the #6, #7, #8 (and so on:)) Gnida shows. Stay tuned and if you only will – get in touch with us via our FB profile. We’re there for YOU!

By now, thank you very much for your attention and support. Expect lots of news in the nearest future!

Yours sincerely,

Lucass & GNIDA \m/

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Hi everyone! My name is Lukasz Krzesiewicz – but people know me as Lucass. I am the drummer of Polish death/grind band GNIDA. Besides, I'm a drumming educator and a live/studio session musiacian - I play various music in different Polish and foreign bands. I was born in 1986 and I’ve been playing drums since Mai 2000. My favourite genres are death metal, grindcore and heavy metal. Enjoy the page and don't hesitate to get in touch with me! Luc