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The summary of the year 2012

Hey ho my friends!

The year 2012 is just about to reach its end. We’re entering the new year 2013 with even greater hopes and expectations. There are so many plans to be fulfilleds and innitiatives to be undertaken… Therefore, in this article I’d like to create an overview of the highlights of the passing year.  Just sit back and enjoy!



Live performance

The year 2012 wasn’t a real live-show year. The only accent of this kind was the ‘Headbanger’s Tour 2012’ which took place in April-May in the following lineup:

Sceptic, SAMMATH NAUR, Banisher, Redemptor

Here’s the poster for the event:

Tour poster

The 10 gigs we’ve gone through were just a lil’ drop in what I’d love to play throughout a year. Unfortunately there weren’t any more occasions for live appearances.




In this aspect, there has been much more going on in 2012. First and foremost, after a year of editing and putting together, I managed to release my first educational drumming double DVD ‘Xtreme Drumming TechniX’. It was a huge step forward since it’s been the first release of this kind ever in Poland! Released by Absonic and supported by a whole bunch of different companies and patrons, without doubt it’s has become a meaningful and successful ‘must-have’ position for every drummer in Poland.

I’m proud of it! 🙂


Here’s all I got about the DVD:

Teaser trailer PL:

How to buy + all the info


Another publication that has been released in 2012 is SAMMATH NAUR’s ‘BEYOND THE LIMITS’ (LP, System Beyond, 2012) premiere of which took place in April this year, right before the take off of the Headbanger’s tour:) We were lucky with this one:) The album consists in 10 killer compositions, you may find lots of blast beats, double bass drumming, groovy playing and all kind of shit I was able to play at that time. It was the first time in my life I used the heel-toe technique during the recording session.


Check this out:




The latest publication of the year 2012 was a mini LP ‘S.Y.F.’ by GNIDA. It was released by the band in July in total of 300 copies. It’s still available to buy HERE! 15 songs, 15 minutes of aggression and pure death-grind massacre. Check out all the video clips we did:

How did you like it? 🙂

Gnida - S.Y.Fv3

The end of the year was also very positive for GNIDA. We managed to complete the band’s lineup and by now we’re getting ready to rock out some cool gigs in the upcoming year:) YEAH!



From 17th to 20th of May this year the first ever metal drumming workshop tour in Poland took place. The tour named ‘Xtreme Drumming Workshop Tour’ encompassed 4 shows in a row. Here’s a poster for this event:



We had a great time riding across the whole country, spending time with the participants, partying and of course DRUMMING! Thanks a lot for coming up and – maybe – see you next year in similar circumstances…

Here is a short video report from the meeting in Drum-Center (Bydgoszcz):

I’d like to say thank you to all guys that were involved in the whole tour management and organization, Absonic, Music Info, Drum Center, Drum Store, Drum Shop, Omnimuz, Sirius, as well as to all those who participated in the workshops. THANX A LOT! 🙂



The Polish drummers’ press got in touch with me 🙂 That’s so cool! Due to all actions undertaken by me this year MAGAZYN PERKUSISTA and TOP DRUMMER devoted a lot of space in their sommer issues. There are some huge interviews, lots of pictures, CD reviews, workshop summaries and commercials. Moreover there were some other interviews and reviews for many other zines and portals. \m/



You may also check out this huge interview for MAGAZYN PERKUSISTA HERE!



The thing got clarified a bit in the last months of 2012. I’m a permanent member of SAMMATH NAUR and GNIDA. The other full time bands I participated in either got split or have been put on hold. Though, I’ve no regrets. Less bands means more devotion and free time to spend for other things:) There’s been much more work session wise. Read below!


Session appearances

The first record I took part in as a session member in 2012 was the PROMO 2012 by CEASE OF BREEDING from Greece – pure speed and brutality. Another one was a PROMO material for MORK – Norvegian black metal project which is supposed to be as gloomy and climatic as only Norvegian music can be:) Also 2 songs. The third one was Polish death metal LP for CATHARSIS – really old school type of drumming there! It’s 6 compositions that allowed my inner Richard Christy to wake up! 🙂 Next in a row was Polish/Irish gothic metal band LADY MAGGOT. Very ‘rhythmical’ material with little space for my own expression. Totally different ‘me’ there… The final session job was the one I did for BANISHER (PL). The LP (11 songs) was the most fun of all! Lost of blast beats, double bass drumming, some crazy fills, loooong dynamic parts and some other surprises there…

As you can see I ain’t got videos of all the sessions. The last 3 are still in progress and I assure you, I’ll share them with you as soon as they’re ready!

Take a look at the studio vids and reports that are ready so far:



Well, new things are always welcome:) Every drummer loves getting new instruments and parts to build up their lovely kit. So do I! 🙂 This year I finally got my Custom ‘Blast Master’ Snare Drum by BERTRAND. It’s a killer instrument! There are so many features making this drum exceptional in every aspect. Read more about it HERE.


The ‘Blast Master’ became my main instrument for the studio purposes – I already did 5 records using it. It hasn’t been checked in live-situation yet, though I guess it’ll dominate this field as well:) It’s also a great feelin’ knowing that you own a one-of-its-kind instrument 🙂

Another thing are the Sabian cymbals I got a while ago. Thanks to K. Czarnecki of Music Info & Sabian Polska – you rule man!! Another new set coming soon!


Next tool I got this year is the mighty DRUMOMETER. Noone would ever know how this toy may motivate you to hard work, unless they’d get one for themselves. My speed and endurance increased rapidly – check out my top scores in the SPEED section below 🙂

Drumometer pic

And check out my first try on double bass singles:


Adding an 8′ rack tom means reaching the top size of my kit. From now on I own a 9-piece kit:)



I’ve also had some switches in my primary stick model. Due to shitty quality of Vic Firth sticks I’ve been using for 2 years or so, I decided to get back to ProMark 5AN’s. I’ve also had some pairs of 5B – which apparently appeared to be much more fragile than the 5A’s (lol). So for now, it’s rather doubtful that I’d change into anything else… Rather impossible. I simply don’t know any better sticks. They exceed any other sticks I ever tried in all possible ways. For instance, the pair in the picture below has been beaten for over 1 month! Including 3 recording sessions and maany, maaaany hours of rehearsals… \m/



The last break-through moment in my kit development was getting in touch with the AXIS PERCUSSIONS company. I decided to upgrade my hardware set to the highest level possible. Therefore I got the Axis Longboard Hihat stand, Axis A21 Laser Pedals, Axis Xhat and a pair of Axis Pro Clutches. This gear is really nasty! Right now the Laser pedals are being slightly modernized in order to maximize their balance, speed and response parameters for perfect performance. They’re KILLER PEDALS!




I love speed and endurance competition. Even with myself. It’s my kind of self-motivating factors – to beat all the results I’ve reached so far. I’m not thinking about the limits, they don’t really exist. In the year 2013 I’m beating all my results – that’s for sure! How about getting close to Mangini and co.?? I think it’s possible!

Here is my scoreboard:




I don’t really wanna get in any detailed numbers or shit like that for no reason. I’d simply like to say thank you to ALL OF YOU GUYS for following my website, my youtube channel, facebook profile and so on.

Now, shortly about the numbers.
The youtube channel has reached over 2,200 subscribers (nearly 1k this year!), the total view-count there shows nearly 940,000! Heading towards 1,000,000! 🙂


Thanks a lot for your attention, support and interest in general – if it wasn’t for YOU, I wouldn’t be as motivated and inspired as I am.


Future expectations

There are of course certain goals I’m planning to achieve in 2013. The first one is about my speed improvement. For both feet and hands. The video below shows exactly what I’m going to focus on:
– tighter and loger blastbeats
– 1 footed blasting
– single stroke bass drumming
– long-distance endurance
– speed and control
– one more extra feature I suck at now 🙂
– many other things that went out of my mind right now:)

Check it out!

I’ll keep you posted on the progress I’m doin’ 😉

Another thing is the further upgrading of the drum kit. I also want to get another one, more ‘pro’ set for recording and live purposes. Other gear changes will include: a drum rack, more Axis hardware elements, 9 more Sabian cymbals. I’m also thinking about getting another drum module – maybe later in 1013 🙂

As far as the bands, sessions and live gigs are concerned, I PROMISE YOU to be even more active in each of these:) A lot of good news is on its way:)

There are also certain business plans in my head I’d love to introduce very soon, yet I won’t spill the beans for now:)


WELL! I hope you enjoyed the short trip 🙂 The year was long and full of work. I hope the upcoming one will be even longer and more busy, hahah 😀
All in all, thanks again for being my friends and see you again in the year 2013!!!



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