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Welcome everyone! Recently I made an interview for MUTILADOR eZINE – one of the greatest metal music promotional zines out there. Questions by HERMANAS MUERTE – check it out!:


“Interview with Lukasz “Lucass” Krzesiewicz for Mutilador (Mex)

Lukasz “Lucass” Krzesiewicz is drummer of the polish metal bands: Thy Disease and Sammath Naur as well as a great session musician. One of the fastest drummers from Poland, author of “Xtreme Drumming Technix” – the first extreme drumming course on DVD. In this exclusive interview for Mutilador eZine you can learn more about his musical history, his influences and his projects. Enjoy!!!
Hello Lucass! How’s everything going? It’s an honor and a privilege conducting this interview with a talented musician as you are. On behalf of Mutilador eZine, receive our best regards.
To begin, let’s talk about your ‘past’. What factor led you to choose the drums and start your career as drummer? Always knew you wanted to play drums? How were the beginnings with the instrument?
Hey! It’s a big pleasure to be an interviewee in such a great Zine as you are! Thanx, all is well here, but the recent period was really packed with work. And for the nearest future I deleted the word ‘holiday’ from my dictionary:).

So, let’s get down to the business! As for my beginings with the drums, I’ve always listened to music of different kind. I did it a lot and still do. It’s perception has never been limited to using only my ears though. I’m not quite sure when it started, but it must have been somewhere about age of 10-11 when I found myself knocking and hitting every piece of furniture, pots, pillows and pretty much everything around me to try to immitate rhythms I heard in the music. Of course I didn’t think about any career at that time. I simply became a true fan of drums as an instrument and my grandest dream was to have an opportunity to play a real drumkit in the future. At the age of 13 my dream came true. I found out that the there were some bands rehearsing at the local community centre and the drumset they were using was available to use for anyone who acquited certain payment. So, not thinking long I bought my first pair of sticks, payed the charge and was ready to go! They had a huge, complete 10-piece, twin-pedal set mounted on a rack there, so it was like having a ride with a Ferrari before you got your licence:). You know what I mean? And additionally, I found myself comfortable in this noise. I was playing for 2 hours without a break, yet surprisingly I was able to play some rhythms already. It must have been due to the ‘dry’ practice I did before. I felt really fulfilled and delighted after that experience – since then I was 100% sure what instrument should I devote myself to. Few months later I started my own band with a bunch of friends, which means I had contact with drums at least once a week. But it was just the beginning…

In your opinion, what do you think it means to be a musician?
I was thinking about it couple of times before. But generally I think it’s nothing else than living of playing music. Of course one can be a passionate musician and treat it more like a hobby, but I’d rather treat musicianship as a specific occupation which at the same time constitutes your individual  means of expression and is nothing else than a distinct way of life. Such approach gives you kind of infinite freedom, since the resources of music cannot be limited by any measure.
For you, how important is studying in the formation of a musician? How important is technique? How much time should be devoted to practice?
I think you can’t teach somebody how to become a musician. You can suggest certain ways to wake up one in them. I used to play with many ‘formally educated’ instrumentalists and the most striking thing was their lack of candour in what they called ‘playing’. It all seemed so artificial and soulless to me. And when it came to improvisation – they had nothing to offer. Self-study is a great thing though. There’s nothing better for me than exploring myself, getting to know my physical and mental limits, technical matters, finding out solutions and making up more and more efficient practice routines, better beats, patterns and so on. I’m not saying that formal education is bad or so. Just on contrary – it’s incredibly helpful to have someone to show you all the ropes. We simply should devote most of our time to create our own musical language, our own style. The role of technique in this process is mainly to make our life easier. It’s a collection of hints helping us to achieve the effects we need with less effort. As for how much time one should devote to drums, it depends on what goals he or she aims at. It is said ‘the more the better’, but in my opinion it’s equaly important how you feel it, what is your ability to become one with your instrument. So let me put it this way: practice as long as it gives you satisfaction. 
When rehearsing/practice, do you have some sort of routine before starting? How do you prepare physically before a concert?
Sure I do. Before practice or a gig I’m applying a little set of stretching exercises. Nothing too fancy, just a couple of activities helping my limbs to get warm and relaxed. The rest are some rudiments on a drumkit which slowly transform into more complicated, faster leaks. The whole warmup is like 1h long. Yet before a gig, there is mostly no possibility to warm up on a kit, so I’m using practice pads and a glass of booze instead:).
Who are your favorite drummers and why? What have they brought to the Lucass career?
Ohh, there are many of drummers that inspire and motivate me a lot but 2 of them deserve particular comment. The first is Reno “The Blastbeast” Kiilerich (ex-Panzerchrist), second is Richard Christy (Burning Inside, ex-Death) – I value both of them equally. Love Reno for his crazy blasting, strenght, stamina, fills and double bass work –  pretty much everything:); in case of Christy, I admire his ‘freedom of expression’ behind the kit, his bizzare ideas, feeling and density of beats. Just imagine the mixture of those 2 guys! Simply an archetype of the best drummer in the world – the “Uberdrummer”:D For me it would be a fulfillment of the biggest dream – to play similar to that and enrichen it with my own ornaments… I have to take my time getting closer to it, haha!
We don’t have knowledge of what makes up a drums (just the minimum), could you briefly tell us what are the parts of it?
Well, the standrd shell set consists of a snare drum (the main drum), bass drum (the biggest), and toms (the hanging ones). As for cymbals, you’ve got hi hats (two joined ones), ride (the biggest rhythmic cymbal), and a crash (accent cymbal). Moreover you have to get a set of hardware (stands, holders, pedals) to put all the elements together. Of course you can extend the set by adding on some more drums, cymbals (chinas, splashes, bells, etc.) and hardware pieces or electronics. Depends on your needs.
Are you a specific brand endorser? If so, what can you say about?
I do cooperate with certain companies such as Bertrand, Billdidit and Axis Percussion. Bertrand is a Polish drum factory – they are making some great quality percussion instruments since many years. I’ve just got my new signature 13x6’ “Blast Master” All-Maple snare drum from them. It’s a KILLER drum created according to my personal preferences. What can I say… It’s the best fucking snare ever!!! Every single detail makes it totally distinct. It’s loud, precise, with incredible, powerful sound and beautiful design. No compromise whatsoever! Billdidit is a Canadian brand specializing in hardware manufacturing. They make some innovative kit elements based on original ideas – I’m proud of being an endorsee of them. Great stuff – I truly recommend! Finally, Axis Percussion is a world wide famous American hardware company. In my opinion they’re making the best bass drum pedals EVER! I’ve been using their A Longboard pedals for some years by now and it must be said – they have no match among other companies. I’m awaiting my new A21 Laser pedals now. With these ‘sweeties’ there will be no speed limits anymore:). All the brands I endorse are first class, high quality brands. I couldn’t imagine any better ones for me. They are exactly what I need and still leave much field for further development. Above all I also cooperate with DrumCenter – the best and biggest Polish drum store. It’s a heaven for drummers! Just have a look at their page: www.drumcenter.pl. Impressive, huh?:)
Tell us about your DVD “Extreme Drumming Technix” What it offers? What can we find in it? Are you satisfied with this work? When do you plan to release it officially? Well, everything you can say about it.
Damn, I could talk about it for hours! So I’ll try to keep as short and sweet as possible. First of all, it’s the first piece of this kind in my country ever. It’s a high quality, complete drumming course with most emphasis on extreme drumming, dedicated both for beginners and advanced players. It offers a condensed collection of my own ideas and concepts gathered through all the years of my drumming adventure. I tried to encompass as many aspects of drumming and generally – being a drummer, as possible. There are 5 chapters showing pretty much everything from warming up, holding the sticks, setting up the kit, to basic hand/foot techniques, to advanced ones, to live song presentations, blast beats, fills, different rhythms, styles and – what’s also very important – playing another instruments. There are also 3 world class guitarists starring as guests in the DVD: Valeo (Vesania, Sammath Naur), Spider (Vader, Esqarial) and Sigmar (Sammath Naur) – we’re playing live some sick stuff there. It’s impossible to describe its contents in a few words. This work was the biggest enterprise in my life so far – no doubts about it! It cost me a lot of work and time to have it all put together. But, you know, hard work pays. If you’re determined enough and you know what you want to achieve – sooner or later you’ll get it. The official Polish release date is planned for November 2011 thanx to my publisher – Absonic – I don’t think it would come to life in such form if it wasn’t for their help. Great party to work with! Moreover, there was a whole team of people and partners working on “XDT” who I’m thankful to. Big thanx to all my team mates! YOU RULE!!!:D
As a musician you have worked with alot of extreme metal bands from your country (Poland) but also work as a drummer in a jazz band. How do you do it? They are completely opposite genres. Tell us about this facet.
Uhh, the jazzband… It all started in my college times 6 years ago. I was asked to replace another guy, they offered me quite a good opportunity to try something different, to develop my skills, and gave me a place to practice… Can’t tell the same about the music though.  After those 6 years of playing there I say: it’s not my cup of tea.
Sammath Naur is our favorite band from Poland and you are a member in it. What satisfactions has left you to be part of this great band? How did Lucass manage to be a part of Sammath Naur?
Oh! It’s also my favourite Polish band, hehehe, and I’m hellishly proud of playing there! Really! This band meets my needs in 100% – there’s everything I need to say that I’m satisfied not only as a drummer but also as a band member. I love all the guys – they are the best people I know. We’re like one big family:). Both the music – which is also something I’m personally very proud of – and the wicked atmosphere in the band make SAMMATH NAUR the best band I could find myself in. And the way I found myself being a drummer for this band is as accidental as it can only be. They somehow found my videos on YouTube. It was autumn 2008 – Sigmar called me offering to come to rehearse with them. So’ I’ve learnt some of their songs, got on a train (12 hours one way!), did my job and so it all began… 
You are also drummer in Thy Disease. How does it feel to be part of so good band?

This is a completely different story. I met Yanuary and Sirius during the Beware of your Neck Tour 2010, where I played session drumms for Crionics. We made friends very quickly, drank a lot of booze together, good times:) After some months they started to have some personal problems in Thy Disease. Paul (ex-Vader) was dismissed from his duties so they began searching for a person to replace him.  Not thinking long they called me asking if I was inerested in becoming a part of their crew. Couldn’t answer any different than YES to my friends:) Now we’re at the stage of preparing material for a new album and rehearsing a lot before the upcoming tours. It all looks very promising so keep your thumbs up!

GNIDA is the band that you formed with Sirius (Thy Disease) and Quazarre (Devilish Impressions / Crionics). Tell us a little about it, its musical concept, lyrics, etc… Seems you are working on a demo, well, it’s a new band that will give us many surprises, right?

GNIDA is ment to be a surprise-project for fans of the most extreme music out there. It’s simple, ultra-fast, mega-heavy and somewhat funny. That’s what it’s ment to be:) In addition to this, it’s totally based on a ‘parasite concept’ – all the songs are short and sweet, without any redundant contents, just a straight forward attack from the first second of the first track. As for the lyrics, they oscilate around death, gore and other disgusting topics such as vomits, vermin, suicide and excrement. A wide choice of themes:) Our goal is to get on stage and simply bombard the listeners with a serie of bullets straight between their eyes. It’s all so straight-forward, yet so explosive that you have to be very careful in close encounter. The demo we’re working on will contain over 20 compositions and we’re planning to release it in the beginning of the year 2012. Prepare your asses to be heavily kicked!
Besides all these bands, in what other bands has Lucass collaborated?
Rebelium – my original death metal band, Esqarial – a grat death metal squad with Marek ‘Spider’ Pajak (Vader) on board, Tehace – death metal (PL), Silent Eternity – brutal death metal (GB), Fort BS – punk rock (PL), Ominous Grief – black metal (Turkey), Unborn Suffer – death grind (PL), Mork – black metal (NO). I think that’s all. Besides, I hope for some collaboration with a great American death metal band VILE. I’d be really happy if it worked out. Big cheers to Colin and the Vile crew!!!;)
Obviously you’ve been touring some places. What has been the most memorable experience you’ve had in a tour?

Hmm… There have been many situations, funny, scary – different ones. Really hard to say… All the tours are memorable, but the Eastern Strike with Crionics had the biggest impact on me so far I guess. It was the longest (30gigs) and most challengigng one in my life. I’ve visited so many places that I would probably never have an opportunity to go to if I wasn’t playing drums. 

What do you like more… playing live or in studio?

I love both. Studio sessions give you psychical comfort, stability and freedom of work. You don’t have to stress because of making a mistake – you can always have another take. It’s a process of creation where you can really let yourself go and play the parts the way you want. Live on the other hand is a completely different story. It’s an adventure, it’s a social intercurse 24/7. It shapes your character, makes stronger and releases large doses of adrenaline just before entering the stage. Both studio and live work fulfill each other very well making a complete picture of what the occupation of a musician consists of. I don’t prefer one to another. As I said above – I love both:)
By the way, will take part in Mutilador Calendar 2012 (for Girls). Did you expect this invitation? ¿What was your reaction when you received it? How does it feel to be part of this project?
Haha! That was a complete surprise for me:) I’d rather expect an offer from a Chinese metal band to play a tour over Antarctica, hehehe… I never considered myself ‘beautiful’ or exceptionally ‘appealing’, but thanx a lot for your appreciation! Actually I found it to be kind of a challenge to make myself look so. We had a good fun with my photographer, Qbanez, while taking those pics:) Anyway, I wish all the beautiful ladies out there to have a delightful January 2012!;)  
What advice would you give to the children and all those who are starting or want to start playing drums?
Just do your thing! Don’t get discouraged by any failure, break your barriers, be brave and never give up. Nothing is impossible!
Where our readers can contact you and check out a bit more about your work?
The easiest way to contact me is via email: lucass@lucassdrummer.com, facebook: www.facebook.com/lucassdrummer or my website: www.lucassdrummer.com. The last one contains the most data, such as movies, photos, info, links and even the online drumming course. Feel free to approach me any time!
Probably have left out many things, but space is very small, we could spend an entire magazine for you as you have an extensive career despite your young age. We are grateful that you have taken time to answer this short interview. Mutilador Crew wish you all the best in all your future plans.
Wanna add something else?
Yeah! It was great to be your guest – thank you very much!


(Taken from HERMANAS MUERTE’s blog)



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Hi everyone! My name is Lukasz Krzesiewicz – but people know me as Lucass. I am the drummer of Polish death/grind band GNIDA. Besides, I'm a drumming educator and a live/studio session musiacian - I play various music in different Polish and foreign bands. I was born in 1986 and I’ve been playing drums since Mai 2000. My favourite genres are death metal, grindcore and heavy metal. Enjoy the page and don't hesitate to get in touch with me! Luc