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lucky luke

 Rock’n’Roll & Rockabilly drumming

Hello folks!

Regardless of my loooong, looong holidays that i took recently, the last few months (from March and on) I’ve been preoccupied by a couple of things. First of them is the building of my home studio – the work is still in progress, I will focus on it once everything is ready. Another thing I want to tell you about today is my engagement in a Raggar/Rockabilly/Rock’n’Roll band named Rövballebandet (AssBallsBand – directly translating :D). Ironically, it’s the most known 100% swedish band from Norway with thousands of followers, 4 studio releases, 1 live dvd and many concerts on its account. What distinguishes the band from others is definately the show that takes place on stage, In mixture with an excessive dose of humor, both in the lyrical layer (the most common topics here are boobies, drinking, cruising, partying and shagging ;)) as well as stage arrangement (inflatable dolls, straw bundles, toalet paper cannons, stripper dancers and much more…) Rövballebandet constitutes a really unique party group that attracts many hundreds every time they play. After a few gigs as a step-in drummer, I was offered to join the band as the permanent member :). Music-wise, my role is to keep the beat going. I am also given a chance to throw in a little drum solo here and there, which is supposed to make the show even more attractive. Fine by me 😀

You can follow Rövballebandet on their Facebook account where they publish lots of materials and updates every week (in swedish ;)).

Band members are:

Erik Röv – voc, guitar

Hillbilly Bill – bass

Lucky Luke – drums

Farmer Lazz – lead guitar

Here are some photos depicting the whole thing 🙂 Enjoy!

Luc \m/


All band members utilise Gretsch gear. Therefore I’m banging this gorgeous Gretsch Vintage kit. What a great instrument!


Fully rigged…


Venues can be very odd sometimes. Like this… mobile stage 🙂


A mobile banner – one of maaaaaaany 🙂


Erik – solo time!


Show must go on!


And so must the ‘likes’ 😀

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Lukasz "Lucass" Krzesiewicz

Hi everyone! My name is Lukasz Krzesiewicz – but people know me as Lucass. I am the drummer of Polish death/grind band GNIDA. Besides, I'm a drumming educator and a live/studio session musiacian - I play various music in different Polish and foreign bands. I was born in 1986 and I’ve been playing drums since Mai 2000. My favourite genres are death metal, grindcore and heavy metal. Enjoy the page and don't hesitate to get in touch with me! Luc