About Me

Hello Drummers!

I’m Lucass. I’m an extreme metal drummer, enthusiast and educator. I’m also the founder and full-time drummer for Polish brutal death/grind band Gnida. I also cooperate with many bands (such as Sammath Naur, Crionics, Thy Disease, Banisher, Cease of Breeding, Tehace, Lady Maggot, Catharsis, Alienacja, Mork, Rövballebandet and many, many more…) as a session drummer.
Besides, I’m the exclusive, official Axis Percussion dealer in Poland. Just so you know;)

I’m 27 years old and I’ve been playing drums since I was 14.
Actually my adventure with drumming began much earlier. Since I can remember, when listening to music, or event not, I found myself imitating air drums, knocking with spoons or pens against the table or desk at home and school. Then, in the year 2000 I sat behind the kit for the first time. I’m completely self-taught. The first years of my drumming were based on imitating other drummers. Playing along my favourite recordings and covering them were my method of learning how to play. Plus, off course, I spent hours practicing at home and the rehearsal room. The practice routines I developed apeared to be very effective – as a result of it, 2 years ago I took a successful part in the fastest drummer competition that was held in one of the biggest Polish drumstores and ended up no the 1st place with the score of  1013 single hits per minute with hands using single strokes.

Some years ago I decided to run my own youtube profile, and I must say, the feedback on my first movies was suprisinly good – soon I ended up with hundreds of thousands views on the movies, thousands of comments, over 1300 subscribers and hundreds of messages a month asking for tips and explanation of certain issues. Because of these numbers and my playing schedule, which gets more and more busy, I decided to run a blog which’s going to be a continuation of what I’m sharing on youtube.

Feel free to have a look and comment on my blog – I’m sure you’ll find some interesting stuff here J.
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What you’ll get in exchange is my first, unique double bass lesson. Thanx to it you’ll be able to play extremely fast, constant double bass and it will not take you ages to reach 250 bpm and higher tempos! I guarantee!
For now this is all I got for you, so thank you for watching this short movie, I hope you enjoyed it and, yeah! Let’s go straight to the lesson!